Our Culture

WAIT. You there! Stay awhile and listen, and I will tell you of a tale with proportions so biblical and grand in nature, that you could not help but to yearn for its conclusion. Many years ago, a man with a pepper-colored beard, huddled in tightly under his rain poncho, trying to hide from the torrential downpour, walking not 4, not 5, but almost -6- whole miles per hour, was abducted by aliens. Yes, the small green martian kind. Er, wait, wrong story.

Ballistic is a company that tries to put a little pep in its step, that gets through the long days with humor, and the short fast paced ones with lightning precision! We have paper airplane competitions on friday, go target shooting frequently, and make sure to leave time for our own personal hobbies every day after 5. We listen to music, thrive on good design, and laugh at terrible marketing ideas, while trying to come up with our own solutions.

We frequent the neighborhood coffee shop, sample our local brewery favorites, connect with our community, and thrive within our industry. Oh, and our boss prefers the title “Lord Commander Destructoid”, so watch out for that one!

Our Team

We may not be a traditional marketing agency, but our clients still reward us with more work than we can do without hiring more super-talented people. When you’re good, and we are good, word gets around. If you’d like to count yourself amongst our number, or just want to reach out and talk to us, shoot us a message. Check out our available positions on the team - here.