our process

We summarize our general process into 6 steps. Ranging from how we set the project up for success, to how we execute and support the final product. Outlined below is each major step, or skip ahead and see some of our projects.


So how do we do it? ! The first step to any successful project or campaign, is taking our industry knowledge and our design prowess, our subject matter expertise if you will, and combining it with your knowledge about your product, brand, goals, or even just that idea you have. We establish what we know, and what we need to know, and move on to the next step from there.

Research & ASSESS

This step is a very important one, it’s where we take a look at what you are currently doing, compare that to industry best practices, analytics, and other sources, and tailor a solution for your particular problem or goal. We’ll also look at your current branding, and make sure it has one cohesive message, so that your customers can easily identify what defines your company. Not doing anything yet? Well don’t worry! We also conduct lots of research, look at or find all your competitors (potential or current), and help establish and narrow your primary target audience for maximum impact.


Next up, we present all our findings to you, the client (err friend, aren’t we best friends already? I mean we know each other so well now!) Then together, we’ll devise a creative brief. On this creative brief we’ll establish the direction and scope of what needs to be accomplished. As well as what kind of tone and message we want to establish with the content. It is a mix of the details of when and what, and the creative aspect of how and why. And at the end of this step, we'll all be on the same page. Literally.


So what's after that big founding document? Well you hand the work off to us, and we’ll start kicking ass and taking names. First off, we’ll do what’s called User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI). This is where we make sure the boots we’re kicking ass with are well put together, and frankly, are just damn comfortable to wear. We’ll talk to the audience, run tests, and make sure your end user or customer will be able to easily use what we’re making, as well as enjoy the experience.


Once we’ve got the form and foundation set, we start to add that extra polish, so our boots look good while we’re using them. This is where we put our graphic design skills to use, we make sure the message and tone are on point to the brand, we make sure the images and graphics look great. We set up a visual language that helps to communicate to the end user or customer.


Next, we build those comfortable, good-looking boots. Let’s just call that the development phase. We’ll have our internet wizard code, we’ll have your online marketing sent out, we’ll have your printed materials… well printed. We’ll squish out all the bugs, fix all the kinks, and tie those laces. This project is as good as complete.


Finally, we will maintain and monitor. We’ll keep tracking those analytics, we’ll monitor the changing trends, and we’ll ensure that your project continues to succeed. That is how we do it. We take our knowledge, research, ideas, prowess, and commitment, and create a project that suites your customer’s needs.