digital first

We’re Ballistic Agency, a marketing agency that specializes in interactive design, and ecommerce solutions. We have a talented team of designers and developers ready to solve your marketing problems and take care of your day to day advertising needs.


Graphic Design

We have a heavy focus on graphic design here at Ballistic Agency. We know that good design is more than just a pretty picture, but a way to communicate your message to your audience. We’ll do everything from branding and corporate identity; packaging and handouts; all the way to UX/UI, interactive, and app design.


Coding is in our DNA. We’ve got experience with everything you will need for a solid web presence. From object-oriented programming, to the web fundamentals like CSS and HTML. With a background in web administration and IT, we’ve got your back in case something goes wrong.


If you’ve got a great idea, but aren’t sure how to describe it, or need better pictures to show it off. Ballistic has no problem writing copy, taking product or lifestyle photography, or helping you fill out ideas to sell your product.


Our Marketing Strategy revolves around helping you stay in touch, and in the minds of your customers. We’ll help you do anything, like find your target audience, or consulting to help you nail down your strategy. We also put a lot of emphasis on SEO and Accessibility so potential customers can find you quicker, and easier. A lot of our clients utilize our email marketing services. We sent over 24 million emails last year alone to our well cultivated private client lists (no list buying here).